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Sean Muncaster

Canada Shibu-Chō

Shibu-Chō Sean Muncaster has experience in studying and teaching martial arts for over 35 years. Along with teaching, Sean Muncaster has done years of bodyguarding for VIPs and Celebrities along with other forms of security. 

Sean has provided 24hr bodyguard protection for such individuals as President Rosie Douglas of the Common Wealth country of Dominica, for whom which he was a chief coordinator of the thirty man team.

He is currently teaching Ninpo and Jujutsu at the Bushi Martial Arts Academy in Montreal, Quebec. He is making his primary life focus on the path and teachings laid out by Soke Shoto Tanemura.


Shoto Tanemura


Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura is the President of the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation. His father was the 17th family head of a Samurai line, whose roots extend to those of the Emperors Uda and Seiwa, as well as having blood ties to the famous Daimyo of the Sasaki and Takeda families.

Shoto Tanemura carries forth the lost art and traditions of the Samurai and Ninja. Teaching the way of life to preserve true martial arts in the whole world. 

His black belt instructors teach thousands of dedicated martial artists in over 15 countries.

Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura was esteemed by the Emperor of Japan as a national treasure in 2018. 

Our Dojos

Genbukan Canada

Genbukan Akakage Dojo

Renshi Sean Muncaster


107 Perrot Boulevard,

Montreal, Quebec, J7V 3G2



Genbukan Kongo Dojo

Davis Owen, Dojo-Cho


5421 Pinto Rd
Duncan (Victoria)

British Columbia, V9L 6J1


Genbukan Hokuto Dojo

Aleksandra Jankovic, Dojo-Cho

Coming Soon

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Genbukan Shakko Dojo

Shawn Beaulne, Dojo-Cho

660 Montcalm Avenue

Oshawa, Ontario, L1J 6Y9


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