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Our Instructors

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Sean Muncaster

Canada Shibu-Chō Sean Muncaster has experience in studying and teaching martial arts for over 35 years. Along with teaching, Sean Muncaster has done years of bodyguarding for VIPs and Celebrities along with other forms of security. 

Sean has provided 24hr bodyguard protection for such individuals as President Rosie Douglas of the Common Wealth country of Dominica, for whom which he was a chief coordinator of the thirty man team.

He is currently teaching Ninpo and Jujutsu at the Bushi Martial Arts Academy in Montreal, Quebec. He is making his primary life focus on the path and teachings laid out by Soke Shoto Tanemura



  • Special Instructor Level 1

  • Ninpo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu) 5th Dan Renshi

  • Jujutsu 5th Dan Renshi

  • Asayama Ichiden Ryu - Chuden Menkyo

  • Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu - Shoden Menkyo 

  • Gyokko Ryu Kosshi Jutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Koto Ryu Koppo-jutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Shinden Tatara Ryu Taijutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Tenshin Hyoho Kukishin Ryu Jujutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Biken-jutsu Shoden Menkyo (sword)

  • Bo-jutsu

*Non-Genbukan ranks not listed.

 - Kendo

 - Karate

 - Iaido

 - Taiho-jutsu

 - other


Davis Owen

Regional Director of Western Canada Davis Owen-Sensei has been training in martial arts under the direct guidance of his teacher, Genbukan Renshi Sean Muncaster, since 1995. In 2012, Davis Owen was granted permission to open a new dojo in British Columbia, B.C. Davis has traveled several times with his teacher to Japan to train. In 2013, Davis was given the martial arts name of "Kongo", which translates into "stronger than the hardest steel", by Soke Shoto Tanemura. 


Kongo Dojo is located in the Cowichan Valley, about 45 minutes from Victoria B.C.


Davis Owen's goals for the future are to continue training under the guidance of his teacher to pass on the teaching of the Genbukan in British Columbia.



  • Ninpo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu) 3rd Dan

  • Jujutsu 4th Dan

  • Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Koto Ryu Koppo-Jutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Gyokko Ryu Kosshi-Jutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Kukishin Ryu Jujutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Biken-jutsu 1st Kyu (sword)

  • Bo-jutsu

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Aleksandra Jankovic

Coming Soon

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Shawn first started martial arts in his high school Judo Club. Later moving on to Karate and various other martial systems.

He started training in Ninjutsu in 1989. In 1996, he was accepted by Soke Tanemura into the Genbukan and has never looked back.

Shawn considers the Genbukan a well rounded martial art, encompassing all aspects of ancient combat. The shear volume of knowledge

in the Genbukan makes it a lifetime study.


He is retired after 30 years in the Telecommunications industry and spent 10 years as an Auxiliary Constable for the local Police Force.


  • Ninpo Taijutsu 3rd Dan

  • Jujutsu 3rd Dan

  • Koto Ryu Koppo-jutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Asayama Ichiden Ryu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Tenshin Hyoho Kukishin Jujutsu - Shoden Menkyo

  • Kodokan Judo 1st Kyu

  • Aiki Kempo - 9th Kyu

  • Ninpo 3rd Dan Bujinkan

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